Farm Stores Tally

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“Farm Stores Tally is a beloved grocery store brand that has been serving families in Florida for nearly 60 years. When they approached us to redesign their website, they were looking for a modern, professional website that would showcase their products and services, and help them reach a wider audience.

Working closely with the team at Farm Stores, we set out to create a custom website that was both visually appealing and easy to use. We focused on creating a responsive design that would look great on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, and worked to streamline the user experience to make it easy for visitors to find the information they needed. In addition to the main website, we also provided aerial and drone photography and video services to help Farm Stores showcase the unique features and convenience of their car-side pickup service.

To showcase the offerings of Farm Stores, we included detailed information on their wide range of products and services, including their selection of popular grocery brands and unique products that can’t be found elsewhere. We also highlighted the company’s long history of serving families in Florida and their commitment to providing a nostalgicically-rich experience for multiple generations of customers.

Overall, we are very proud of the website and aerial drone services we provided for Farm Stores Tally. The final result was a modern, professional website that effectively communicates the company’s products and services to potential customers. The team at Farm Stores was extremely satisfied with the finished product, and we are confident that it will help them to attract new customers and grow their business in the Tallahassee area.”